Firsthand Foods’ Chorizo is a must for anyone who likes cooking Mexican-inspired meals.



Pork, Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Garlic Powder, Spice Extractives

Gluten FreeNatural CasingNo PreservativesNon-GMO

Made with pasture-raised pork sourced from local farmers, this loose sausage is delicious cooked in a pan and incorporated into burritos and quesadillas or added to a favorite chili recipe. Firsthand Foods’ hog farmers raise their animals humanely outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics, using non-GMO feed, and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Firsthand Foods custom-blend sausages contain no nitrates, fillers or artificial colors.

Recipe Ideas

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Beef and Chorizo Burgers

We are often asked, “What should I make with your chorizo?” The easy answer is chili, queso fundido, or tacos. These seem to be the go-to recipes for bulk ground chorizo, but here is a secret: you can use chorizo in just about any recipe that calls for ground pork. I find that it adds… Read more »

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Super Recipes for a Super Bowl

In search of some hearty, crowd-pleasing recipes for your Super Bowl party? Firsthand Foods has you covered.  We’ve pulled together some recipes from our files that we think work well for any party—big or small. It’s not a Super Bowl party with out chips and dip!  Our queso fundido is the perfect cheesy dip to… Read more »

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Sopa de Lentajas

I think I loved Spanish cuisine before I had a Spanish brother-in-law; however, his presence in my life has certainly embellished my Spanish recipe collection. One of my favorite things about this cuisine is their use of pork. It flavors so many of their rich dishes and is definitely a staple in most Spanish households.… Read more »