Firsthand Foods sells a wide range of fresh primals and specialty products to local chefs. We purchase whole animals and fabricate each one on a weekly basis into the cuts our customers request, adapting as needed to seasonal menu changes. If our price sheet doesn’t include the cut you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll work with our processors to make it happen!


“They are dependable and straight shooting. They work with integrity, and with equal interest in the success of the producer and the client/chef/restaurant. I love supporting small producers, but also value being able to depend on the quality, volume, and consistency of the product that Firsthand delivers.”

Ashley Christensen, Chef/Owner
Ashley Christensen Restaurants, Raleigh, NC

Our fresh meats are sold within days of slaughter and fabrication and our Angus-based beef is dry-aged a minimum of 12 days.  All of our products are vacuum-sealed for extended shelf life and continued wet aging.  Our ground products and specialty sausages are sold frozen.

For particularly adventuresome chefs and butchers, we sell whole carcasses and partially-fabricated and boxed whole animal bundles.  For larger-format dining programs, we offer bulk purchasing options for selected primals and products.

Email for more information.