We are guided in our work by these core values:


We trace every piece of meat back to its farm of origin and the ethical farmers who raised it. Our farmers follow strict protocols to take care of the animals, land, water, and air we breathe. We share information and communicate truthfully about how we do business.



We source only the highest quality meats from local farmers to ensure every plate that features Firsthand Foods is a memorable experience. Working with the chefs in our community, we share meat quality feedback with our farmers so they can make adjustments to breed selection, feed rations and pasture management to ensure consistently great flavor, marbling and tenderness.



We build successful partnerships through honest dialogue and equitable, collaborative decision-making. Our farmers treat their animals with respect and raise them outdoors on pasture the way nature intended. Our processors are small-scale, family run businesses that operate on a human-scale, using humane practices.

“I sincerely believe their standards are as high as mine. The name Firsthand Foods conveys a promise of quality, and of thoughtful and sustainable practices.”

Ashley Christensen, Chef/Owner
Ashley Christensen Restaurants, Raleigh, NC


We are inspired by the challenge of doing business differently in the meat industry and are dedicated to exploring new ideas, building new systems, and creating new products that sustain the success of our employees, supply chain partners, and community.