Smoked Canadian Bacon

Firsthand Foods’ Smoked Canadian Bacon is like no other. Brined in salt and cane sugar and then smoked, it’s infused with the tantalizing flavor and juiciness you’re expecting from bacon but with less fat. 



Pork, salt, brown sugar, nitrites.

Gluten FreeNon-GMO

Canadian bacon is made from pork loin and thus is leaner than traditional bacon. Because it’s sliced thin, it’s useful in a variety of applications. Try it as a side for breakfast, the main feature on a BLT or as a garnish to soups and stews. While this product is partially cooked by the smoking process, it must be heated prior to eating. Firsthand Foods’ hog farmers raise their animals humanely outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics, using non-GMO feed, and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Firsthand Foods Canadian Bacon Contains No Fillers or Artificial Colors.

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