Ground Beef Recipes

Let’s Cook Up Ground Beef Recipes!

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A quick search on the Internet reveals that ground beef has been around for quite a while. In fact it could be as early as the 4th century. While most of the searches focus on who invented the hamburger (which is hotly debated), there is no definitive nod to the first person to grind or chop cuts of beef into small bits for easy forming and cooking. We do; however, owe this person a huge Thank You.

Firsthand Foods ground beef is a blend of primal cuts like shoulder, bottom round, short ribs, and the trim that is cut away from the ribeyes, strips, and briskets. It is made from meat that is grown to our standards by farmers in North Carolina (and one farm right on the NC/VA border). Our ground beef is fully traceable–each batch (and pack) comes from a single animal. The fat content can vary with each animal, which means that there can be slight variability but we aim for a 80/20 blend. Firsthand Foods ground beef is processed in a family owned, Animal Welfare Approved, USDA-inspected, Halal facility. All of our ground beef is frozen immediately after processing to improve shelf-life and safety.

Another search of the Internet produces a long list of recipes that include ground beef–more to come on this below. In my humble opinion, ground beef is one of the most versatile ingredients. Using Firsthand Foods ground beef in a recipe is a cost effective way to put quality animal protein into your diet. Not only are most of these recipes tasty, they are quick and do not require many other ingredients.

We’ve searched for and created several winning recipes which fit into two distinct categories: Back to Basics and A Trip Around the Globe. Back to Basics is a walk down memory lane for some of us and includes American classics. A Trip Around the Globe shares recipes where Firsthand Foods ground beef would be a great fit. We have also included a reworking of recipes using other Firsthand Foods ground meat. We hope you enjoy every bite of these easy and delicious recipes!

Back to Basics

Show of hands: who grew up eating Hamburger Helper™? The concept of recreating this nostalgic meal is intriguing to me, and I found that making it from scratch is a lot easier than I would have guessed. This recipe, Homemade Hamburger Helper from the New York Times, is a delicious adult version of our childhood classic. Sloppy Joes is another family staple that I remember eating quite a bit as a child and then again as a newlywed. Saucy and hearty, this Super Sloppy Joe recipe from Rachel Ray teaches us that this meal does not necessarily have to come from a can. Looking for more ground beef inspiration? The 50 Best Ground Beef Recipes is a Food Network recipe gallery dedicated to recipes that use ground beef as an ingredient. The possibilities are endless.

Speaking of Hamburger Helper™–one of my favorite one-pot meals for a weeknight, Ground Beef Stroganoff, has a similar vibe and reminds me a bit of the hamburger gravy my grandmother made when I was a child. Mushrooms, ground beef, and a rich, creamy gravy over egg noodles just screams comfort food. This recipe is adapted from the classic stroganoff recipe that calls for cuts of beef like sirloin. Ground beef is economical and just as delicious as the other cuts called for in this dish.

Equally easy for a weeknight meal and a crowd pleaser for sure is my Ground Beef and Chorizo chili. My dad is the chili king of our family. He makes the absolute best chili, so naturally, I looked to him for advice once I was out on my own and wanted to make chili. Over the years, I have tweaked and (in my opinion) perfected my recipe which is based on his. He always used a pound of ground beef and a pound of ground pork. I opted for even more flavor and chose Firsthand Food’s chorizo.

We are re-introducing our stuffed zucchini recipe but made with Firsthand Foods ground beef this time. It’s a versatile recipe that can be used as a template for different flavor profiles or vegetables. Try hollowed out potatoes (pre-cooked), sweet potatoes (pre-cooked), or bell peppers for a twist. Italian seasonings, pasta sauce, and mozzarella cheese can all be substituted for a different version that is lovely served with pasta and a salad. As with any recipe, do not hesitate to switch out similar ingredients and create your own new favorite.

A Trip Around the Globe

Some of my favorite recipes come from around the globe. My love of global cuisines came from dining at local restaurants owned by people who love to share their culture through food. It is a wonderful way to travel without the expense of a ticket. When searching for global cuisine recipes online to make at home, I find it important to use recipes shared by people who have a cultural connection to that cuisine through family or roots in that culture. Below are some of my favorite global recipes that use ground beef as an ingredient.

Pide is a Turkish flatbread made with a variety of toppings. There are many versions, but this one is quite delicious: Kiymali Pide; Turkish Flat bread with ground meat and vegetables

Lahmajoun is an Armenian flatbread with toppings similar to the pide. My friend Aimee Kay is an avid cook and baker. Her mother has Armenian ancestry and is an excellent cook as well. This recipe is one of their family favorites: Lahmajoun

Lebanese food has become one of my preferred cuisines over the years. I enjoy the variety of ingredients and the fresh herbs they use in their recipes. Kafta is the perfect dish for Firsthand Foods ground beef. This recipe by Yumna Jawad is the one I like best: Beef Kafta {Authentic Lebanese Recipe}

Like so many global foods, empanadas come in many flavors, methods of preparation, and are found in many countries. This recipe from BA Test Kitchen Manager Gaby Melian, is my all-time favorite:  Argentinian Beef Empanadas Recipe | Bon Appétit

We have also reworked our Greek style lamb meatball recipe and, instead of using Firsthand Foods ground lamb, we’re switching it out for our ground beef. Ground lamb and ground beef can be interchanged in many recipes and both hold up to the bold flavors in this recipe. If you find a recipe that calls for ground lamb and you have ground beef on-hand, a substitution will likely work.