Ground Beef

Firsthand Foods’ local ground beef is juicy and full of flavor. Hand patty and throw on the grill or add to your favorite casseroles, sauces and stews.




Gluten FreeNo Preservatives80/20 Blend

Made from pasture-raised beef sourced from local farmers, Firsthand Foods’ ground beef provides you and your family with a nutritious, flavor-packed protein for weekly meals and special occasions. Because our farmers’ cattle have a diet rich in grasses and legumes, our beef is naturally rich in heart-healthy fats. Firsthand Foods’ farmers raise their animals humanely outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics or added hormones.

Firsthand Foods' ground beef contains just beef, no fillers or additives.

Recipe Ideas

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Ground Beef Ragu

Growing up, my mom made spaghetti with meat sauce at least once per week.  The sauce came from a jar and the ground beef from the local grocery store.  It was a quick meal to make on busy weeknights filled with softball practice, homework, and chores. Fast-forward to today and you will catch me making… Read more »

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Beef and Chorizo Burgers

We are often asked, “What should I make with your chorizo?” The easy answer is chili, queso fundido, or tacos. These seem to be the go-to recipes for bulk ground chorizo, but here is a secret: you can use chorizo in just about any recipe that calls for ground pork. I find that it adds… Read more »

Beef Recipe, Ground Beef, Ground Pork, Pork Recipe, Recipes

Beef and Pork Meatballs

I have many friends who have Italian grandmothers. They always say the best meatball is one made with more than just ground beef.  Using both ground beef and ground pork gives the meatballs a more complex flavor and adds richness that plain ground beef meatballs lack. While the traditional Italian meatball recipes often call for… Read more »