Firsthand Foods’ Bratwurst is a real crowd pleaser – young and old alike appreciate this mild, juicy sausage. Our bratwurst is made with pasture-raised, non-GMO pork sourced from local farmers and uses natural casings. 



Pork, Salt, Spices (including Pepper & Ginger), Sugar, Mustard Seed

Gluten FreeNatural CasingNo PreservativesNon-GMOHand-Tied

Made with pasture-raised pork sourced from local farmers, this sausage makes a quick and delicious meal served on a crusty roll with mustard and sauerkraut. Firsthand Foods’ hog farmers raise their animals humanely outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics, using non-GMO feed, and are Animal Welfare Approved.


Recipe Ideas

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Summer Bratwurst Potato Salad

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German Bratwurst Dinner

Tangy sauerkraut and buttery bratwurst make the perfect pair. It’s why my family and I seek out authentic German restaurants and why I created this recipe. I imagine that this meal—full of contrasting flavors and hearty goodness—would be our favorite in Germany, too. Bratwurst that is rich in flavor and made with great pasture-raised pork… Read more »