Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon Now Available!

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We’re excited to announce the availability of a delicious new product from Firsthand Foods. Smoked Canadian Bacon! Customers have been asking us for more bacon for years now. Whether its chefs looking for fresh belly to make their own bacon or retail grocery stores looking to keep their shelves stocked, we are perpetually unable to keep up with the demand for America’s favorite pork product.

Canadian bacon to the rescue!

Canadian bacon is made from pork loin that has been brined in sea salt and cane sugar and then smoked. Leaner than traditional bacon made from pork belly, our Canadian bacon is juicy, tender and full of smoky bacon goodness. We slice it especially thin so a little bit goes a long way. Try it in a wide variety of applications — as a side for breakfast, a main feature on a BLT, or as a garnish on homemade pizza!

Now available in retail grocery stores, pick up a pack at Durham Co-Op Market, Weaver Street Market and other cooperating retailers.