Firsthand Foods’ (M)eat Local Box has been temporarily discontinued during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit a growing list of retail and home delivery businesses that carry our meats.

What’s Inside? 

(M)eat Local boxes are curated to include a mixture of cuts, adapted to the season, with an emphasis on grilling cuts such as steaks in the summer and braising cuts like roasts in the winter. 

You’ll enjoy familiar products like pork loin chops and flat iron steaks. And you’ll discover more novel items like pork shanks, beef brisket, country style ribs and tri-tip steaks. To meet your every day needs, frozen ground beef, sausages, and selected lamb cuts are available to order as “add-ons” to your monthly pick up.

Because they are sourced and sold locally, our meats are exceptionally fresh and contain no fillers, additives, nitrates or artificial colors. 



We love the meat box! The recipes help tremendously and I’m cooking things I’ve never cooked before. It’s fun!

Michele, Durham