Ground Pork

Firsthand Foods’ ground pork is full of flavor and blends well with many cuisines.




Gluten FreeNo PreservativesNon-GMO

Made with pasture-raised pork sourced from local farmers, Firsthand Foods’ ground pork has a rich satisfying taste that makes it a natural addition to meat loaf and just about any Asian-style dish.


Recipe Ideas

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Pork & Kale Pasta

If you are a seasonal eater in North Carolina, then you likely have had your fair share of kale.  It is grown in our state nearly year round.  In addition to its health benefits, kale is also a forgiving green. It does well in sauteed dishes, soups, salads, and much more. Kale also requires some… Read more »

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Beef and Pork Meatballs

I have many friends who have Italian grandmothers. They always say the best meatball is one made with more than just ground beef.  Using both ground beef and ground pork gives the meatballs a more complex flavor and adds richness that plain ground beef meatballs lack. While the traditional Italian meatball recipes often call for… Read more »

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Super Recipes for a Super Bowl

In search of some hearty, crowd-pleasing recipes for your Super Bowl party? Firsthand Foods has you covered.  We’ve pulled together some recipes from our files that we think work well for any party—big or small. It’s not a Super Bowl party with out chips and dip!  Our queso fundido is the perfect cheesy dip to… Read more »