Country Breakfast Sausage

Firsthand Foods’ Country Breakfast Sausage is delicious served for breakfast or brunch.



Pork, Salt, Spices (including Pepper and Sage), Sugar, Parsley

Gluten FreeNatural CasingNo PreservativesNon-GMO

Made with pasture-raised pork sourced from local farmers, this sausage is available in bulk, pinky links or patties. While traditionally served as a savory complement to waffles and pancakes, the sage and black pepper notes in this sausage make it a great addition to pasta sauce. Firsthand Foods’ hog farmers raise their animals humanely outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics, using non-GMO feed, and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Firsthand Foods' custom-blend sausages contain no nitrates, fillers or artificial colors.

Recipe Ideas

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Country Breakfast Sausage & Egg Tacos

Food memories are some of the strongest memories we have. Our senses have a way of writing these memories in indelible ink in our brains. They often evoke an emotion or a feeling of nostalgia. A simple meal of country breakfast sausage and eggs on a flour tortilla transports me back to my childhood. Summer… Read more »