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Bull City Burger and Brewery

We’ve been working with Bull City Burger and Brewery since they opened their doors back in 2011. Their delicious burgers and hot dogs are made from Firsthand Foods pasture-raised beef, ground fresh daily.

Bull City Burger and Brewery is truly “farm to fork”. In addition to their use of our meats, they work directly with local farmers for their vegetables (such as tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce) and nearly everything is produced on-site including house made buns, sauerkraut and bacon. Bull City Burger and Brewery uses no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils. They make the mustard, the slaw, the pickles, the mayo, the aioli, the hotdogs, the relish and most everything else on their menu. They also brew amazing, award-winning beer on site.

We applaud Bull City Burger and Brewery’s commitment to sustainability and the steps they take to operate while leaving the smallest energy footprint possible. They donate spent grains from the brewing process and recycle 99% of food waste to feed animals on local farms, putting nearly zero food waste into landfills.

We’re proud of our long-term partnership with Seth Gross and his team at Bull City Burger and Brewery. Visit them for an incredible meal you can feel good about eating and support a business that is doing so much good for our local food economy. Hats off to Bull City Burger and Brewery!