Featured Restaurant

Alley Twenty Six

Since it opened in 2012, Alley Twenty Six has established itself as one of Durham’s finest cocktail bars. Owner Shannon Healy wasn’t finished there, however, and expanded his vision to include an upscale restaurant featuring the stylings of chef Carrie Schleiffer. Chef Carrie prides herself in knowing where her ingredients come from and we are honored to provide Alley Twenty Six with local, pasture-raised meats.

Our pork is often featured on the seasonal menu, so we were excited to partner with Alley Twenty Six for our first ever Tour de Pork this summer. Carrie went all out with her Shank Special, creating a new recipe with pork shank braised in coconut milk and spices. Her dish is one of 28 being offered at 20 Durham restaurants partnering with us to utilize the whole hog.

We appreciate the team at Alley Twenty Six for joining us on this journey to honor the animal by using every part, all while helping to reduce food waste and supporting small-scale livestock producers. Find out more about Alley Twenty Six at www.alleytwentysix.com, the Tour de Pork at www.tourdepork.com, and Chef Carrie by clicking the “Learn More” button below.