Our Core Values

Our Core Values

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Our core values reflect what’s important to us. They guide our hiring process, supply chain partnerships and approach to customer service.  They remind us of how we want to focus our time and energy and make strategic business decisions.

We recently refined our core values to be consistent across our entire organization. The process took a surprisingly long time and involved several iterations. The hard part wasn’t identifying all the values we care about, it was narrowing them down to a few fundamentals and wordsmithing them into compelling yet succinct concepts that we can easily remember and refer to. Now that our process is complete, we’re excited to share the results!

Firsthand Foods new and improved core values are:

Dare to Care – We want everyone we work with to love what they do and live full lives. We listen to promote open communication and maintain a thoughtful, human-centered workplace. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and meet rigorous standards for product quality.

Collaboration is KeyNothing is more important to us than building deep, reciprocal, sustainable relationships with our team, partners, suppliers, customers and community.

We’re An Open BookNo surprises here! We do what we say and say what we do. We take pride in being transparent, honest, responsive, reliable and loyal.