Dry Cured Salami

Dry Cured Salami Now Available!

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Firsthand Foods is thrilled to add dry cured salami to our pasture-raised meat offerings. Our first-ever dry cured salami features fennel and black pepper in an all natural hog casing. Made for us by North Country Charcuterie, we think it may be the first ever pasture-raised, Animal Welfare Approved, B Corp Certified, women-owned salami product available on the market!

Firsthand Foods fennel and black pepper salami is delicious, imparting a mild and balanced flavor that reflects the remarkable richness of heritage breed pork that we source directly from a network of small-scale North Carolina family farms who raise their animals humanely without growth promoting antibiotics in their natural environment of woods and pasture. With aromatic fennel and lingering notes of black pepper, our salami is versatile, pairing with a wide variety of cheeses on your favorite charcuterie board or homemade pizza. Chewy on the outside and tender on the inside, it’s the perfect snack to pack to add a bit of “gourmet” to your next picnic or cookout.

Made with simple ingredients* and without fillers, additives or preservatives (other than salt), our salami is created through a process of curing (adding salt to change the water content and preserve the meat) and fermentation (promoting acids that destroy harmful bacteria). This approach yields a shelf stable product that does not need to be refrigerated. However, it does continue to dry out as it ages so we recommend storing it under refrigeration, which also helps maintain the integrity of its simple paper wrapper.

Our fennel and black pepper salami comes in 5 oz chubs wrapped in butcher paper and is sold in a case of 12 for $126.60 or $10.55 per salami. Our suggested retail price is $15.25 per chub.


*Pasture-raised pork, water, salt, wine, dextrose, fennel seed, black pepper, celery juice powder, and lactic acid starter culture.