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Happy Holidays!

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We wish you a happy holiday season and prosperity in the New Year. We’ve just completed our 12th year in business and are grateful for the opportunity to own and operate a business that’s making positive impacts in our community. Our work would not be possible without our dedicated and loyal customers. In a market inundated with protein options, our customers make the conscious choice to buy local, pasture-raised meats. We see and appreciate you!

The past year has been exciting for our company. For close to three years, we’ve been working with 360Impact on the “how” of our business—not just the “what”— and are now reaping the benefits of a committed team, effective meetings, and systems for accountability. We’re also thrilled to be a certified B Corp and to have been selected as one of Business North Carolina magazine’s Small Businesses of the Year. 

In 2022, Firsthand Foods generated an anticipated $2.5M in revenues and was able to:

Support rural communities by directing $1.2 million to the 30 livestock producers in our North Carolina network. As we purchase their livestock, our farmers pay for local supplies and services, and in this way our largely urban customer base supports rural farming communities.
Preserve 9,000 acres of pasture and cropland for local food production, much of which is being grazed using sustainable practices that provide ecological benefits and build soil health.
Create jobs in rural communities by directing $694,769 of our revenues to our four processing partners. These are family-run businesses that go the extra-mile to meet Animal Welfare Approved standards and provide well-paid jobs in their rural communities.
Provide close to 2,000 animals with a dignified, healthy life outdoors on pasture. Pasture provides habitat for hogs, allowing them to engage in natural biological behaviors. And pasture is a key source of nutrition for ruminant animals, helping to transform sunshine and water into high quality protein.
Deliver 215 tons of meat to over 150 customers throughout North Carolina and selected locations in Virginia. We’ve also made it possible for individual customers to purchase our meats directly from our website for local pick-up.

Most importantly, we’re having fun along the way and making sure our team has the time and flexibility they need to nourish their whole selves. We hope you do the same. Thanks for (m)eating local. It is wonderful to be in community with you.