2020 Movie Recommendations

2020 Movie Recommendations

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2020 MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS: In our search for a few things that went right in 2020, we came upon three new and inspiring films about regenerative agriculture, each of which touch on the important role that grazing animals play in addressing climate change, improving soil health and biodiversity, and supporting food sovereignty and healthy food. Watching these will reinforce your commitment to supporting Firsthand Foods and our network of local farmers and regenerative grazers.

Kiss the Ground – 2020, Available on Netflix

Tells the story of pioneers in the regenerative agriculture movement and illustrates the power of soil to sequester carbon and heal the climate. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, the film features Ray Archuletta, a conversation agronomist and long time advocate for farming practices like no-till, cover cropping, and managed grazing. We’re proud to know Ray and have witnessed first hand the impact of his message on livestock producers and scientists in North Carolina who now farm and do research and teach in alignment with his philosophy. Kiss the Ground is directed by Josh Tickell, who specializes in films with a social message.

Sacred Cow – 2020, Available starting 1/5/21 on Amazon & Googleplay

This film explores the idea that “It’s not the cow, it’s the how.” Meat is being vilified as causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes while Silicon Valley invests millions in highly processed meat alternatives. The assumption – engineering our proteins in factories will be a better alternative than something nature has already figured out – grazing animals can restore our land, preserve biodiversity, improve soil health, create nutrient-dense protein and preserve farming communities. Sacred Cow is produced by Diana Rodgers, a “real food” nutritionist, co-author and sustainability advocate.

Gather – 2020, Available on Amazon

This film explores how Native Americans are recovering from the historical trauma of colonialism and genocide by rediscovering their foodways. It highlights contemporary efforts across the country to introduce Native Americans to traditional foods and to support Native youth to hunt, fish and forage as a critical means for healing. The film was made in partnership with the First Nation’s Development Institute, which recognizes that accessing healthy food is a challenge for many Native American children and families. Gather is directed by Sanjay Rawal, who also made the film Food Chains, which chronicles the battle of indigenous farmworkers in Florida against large agribusiness