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Restaurants Near Me That Serve Pasture-Raised Meats

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We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for “restaurants near me” that serve local, pasture-raised meats. Our website is updated frequently with a list of all the restaurants in North Carolina, especially the Triangle region, where you can find pasture-raised, certified Animal Welfare Approved* meats sourced from our network of North Carolina farmers.

Ten years ago, when we were getting started in the wholesale business, there were just a handful of restaurants in our area that served local, pasture-raised meats. Now we are proud to have over 75 regular restaurant customers.

We encourage you to visit these restaurants and order the menu items that feature local, pasture-raised meats. Not all chefs choose to highlight their commitment to local, pasture-raised sourcing explicitly. It just may not be their style. So, if you’re not sure which menu item includes Firsthand Foods’ meats then don’t hesitate to ask your server. They’ll likely be proud to tell you!

In order to effectively support the small-scale livestock producers in our networks, we purchase whole animals. It takes a village to use whole animals on a weekly basis within a local supply chain. And our restaurant customers are absolutely critical to this effort. So, next time you frequent a restaurant that serves Firsthand Foods’ meats, please give a hearty thanks to the chef for their commitment to sourcing locally with integrity. They’ll appreciate it!

*for pork and lamb