Where to Shop for Firsthand Foods Local Meat Near Me

Local Meat Near Me – Where & Why to Shop for Pasture-Raised Meats

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If you’re searching for “local meat near me,” we’ve got you covered. We keep a running list on our website of grocery stores, mobile home delivery businesses and on-line retailers that carry Firsthand Foods pasture-raised meats.

Did you know that 78% of shoppers put locally-sourced food on their grocery list? But it’s not always easy to find local meats, especially those that are pasture-raised and certified Animal Welfare Approved. When we first started selling to grocery stores in 2015, there were very few grocery stores carrying local meats. Now we are pleased to report that Firsthand Foods local, pasture-raised meats are sold at over 20 retail locations throughout the Triangle and beyond.

From the very beginning we have found natural foods grocery stores, especially those that are cooperatively owned, like Weaver Street Market and the Durham Co-Op Market, to be highly committed to local, ethical sourcing. As consumers shift to doing more of their shopping on line, we’re seeing opportunities to distribute Firsthand Foods meats through innovative mobile home delivery business like The Produce Box, Papa Spuds and Seasonal Roots. Whatever your preference, the options keep expanding.

So keep searching for “local meats near me” and shop at the markets that are making a commitment to carry local, pasture-raised meats. They taste great and are better for you without harmful added hormones and growth-promoting antibiotics. And when sourced from farmers like those in our network who practice intensive rotational grazing, your meat purchase helps regenerate soil quality and sequester carbon in a warming world, preserve farmland, create wildlife habitat and protect water supplies. Now that’s money well spent!