Feature in Progressive Farmers

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For the past two weeks we’ve been getting calls, texts and emails from our farmers full of excitement about Firsthand Foods’ feature article in the January 2019 issue of Progressive Farmer, a popular national country life oriented magazine.

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It makes us all proud! And Dean, our Beef Network Coordinator, has been getting calls from farmers in other states wondering how they can get involved and create something like Firsthand Foods in their region.

This attention in the farming community comes at an interesting phase of our business. For the first time in eight years, we actually have more supply than demand and are not in a position to add new farmers to our networks. So, we’ve started a waiting list and encourage anyone interested in keeping up with us to sign up for our quarterly newsletter and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our focus will continue to be on developing new markets for pasture-raised meats and finding values-driven customers so that down the road we can work with our existing farmers to expand their herds and then eventually add new farmers to the mix. If you’re a chef or retail grocer or institutional customer and reading this post, give us a call and join the movement to expand market opportunities for pasture-based livestock producers in your community!