We’re Hiring, Again!

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Our newly hired Office Manager is moving on from the position for personal reasons and we’re looking for just the right person to support our dynamic team and manage our daily office operations.  Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills are a must, as are experience with QuickBooks and providing customer service.  See below for a complete position description.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to jennifer@firsthandfoods.com by Friday, September 14th, 2018.

Position Description

  • Support our whole team by developing and maintaining systems to support positive communication between team members and smooth daily office operations, including:
    • Performing reception duties by politely welcoming and serving customers who visit Firsthand Foods’ warehouse, and responding to email and phone inquiries
    • Assisting with critical filing, record-keeping, and data entry tasks, including inventory management and reporting, and maintaining up to date customer and farmer records in Highrise and QuickBooks
    • Coordinating IT support and maintaining organized systems for electronic file sharing
    • Generating sales, inventory, and financial reports through QuickBooks and VistaTrac
    • Maintaining stock of office and warehouse supplies
    • Picking up mail from the post office, coordinating mailings, and running other errands
    • Helping to maintain cleanliness and organization of the office
  • Assist with book-keeping through organizing, recording, and reporting on daily financial transactions, including:
    • Recording expenses
    • Managing accounts receivable, including tracking overdue invoices and communicating with customers about due dates and plans for payment, with the goal of keeping all customers within their payment terms
    • Managing Accounts Payable, including payments to farmers and processing partners
  • Provide Accounts Management in collaboration with our Sales Manager, including:
    • Onboarding new customers
    • Updating price sheets
    • Setting up new items in bookkeeping and inventory management systems
    • Resolving complaints and billing questions
  •  Provide marketing assistance, including:
    • Creating and sending customer newsletters via MailChimp.
    • Maintaining inventory and coordinating production of printed collateral including labels and recipe cards.
    • Coordinate logistics and customer communications for our direct-to-consumer (M)eat Local Box Program.
  • Coordinate logistics and customer communications for our direct-to-consumer (M)eat Local Box Program.
  • Plan and coordinate selected special events, including producer and customer outreach events.
  • Understand policies & practices that are relevant to our mission and be able to articulate these to the general public as part of our consumer education and outreach campaign to connect local, pasture-based livestock producers with local markets.

and for performing all other duties assigned by the company from time to time.

The Office Manager reports directly to Firsthand Foods’ Co-CEO Tina Prevatte Levy. This is a flexible part-time position, requiring day-time hours, with potential to become full-time depending on skills and qualifications.