Featured Restaurant: Postmaster

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It’s not every day that we hear the word, “comfort”, in association with our meat products. But that’s how Chris Lopez, owner and chef of Postmaster in Cary describes the reason he chose Firsthand Foods as his red meat purveyor.  Chris first encountered our local, pasture-raised beef and pork while working at Joule and then again at St. Roch and so when it came time to open his own restaurant, he wanted to make sure and stick with a reliable, high-quality source. Comfort is core to Chris’s vision for Postmaster, a delightful neighborhood restaurant in downtown Cary that serves classic Carolina dishes influenced by the culinary traditions that have shaped the south, including African, Native American, Spanish, and northern European.

Chris got his start in the culinary world when he was still in college studying industrial design.  While he found (and still finds) the subject fascinating, he kept spending his meal plan money on groceries so he could cook for his friends. He got hooked on the creative endeavor and the satisfaction of building community. “Food is the universal language that brings people together. When I first became a chef, I quickly realized that it’s about so much more than the preparation and the prestige. It’s a whole food system that includes seeds, soil, farmers, and customers,” says Chris.

Postmaster celebrates local seasonal offerings without being hyper vigilant or preachy, striving for superb taste with practical, simple ingredients.  This summer, Chris has been braising Firsthand Foods’ brisket and serving it with charred cabbage and a spring hash. And our country breakfast sausage is found on his brunch menu as part of a tantalizing housemade biscuit and gravy dish.

Chris and his co-owner Tyler Watt of Pharmacy Bottle & Beverage are both thrilled to be in downtown Cary where independent restaurants are ascendant. “This is just a great community and we are grateful to be a part of building Cary’s restaurant scene from the ground up.”

Next time you’re not sure where to eat out, give Cary and Postmaster a try. You won’t be disappointed.