Firsthand Foods Holiday Meats Available On-Line

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We’re excited to help you celebrate the holidays with pasture-raised local meats. For the first time ever, we’re selling a limited number of Holiday Meat Boxes and other primal cuts for pick up at our warehouse in Durham. If you’re planning to serve ham, ribeye or strip roasts, lamb racks or roasts, or beef tenderloin, we’ve got you covered! All meats are raised humanely, outdoors on pasture without growth-promoting antibiotics or added hormones by a network of remarkable small-scale livestock producers.

Choose from four different Holiday Meat Boxes and several a la carte items by shopping our on-line store. Order your Hanukkah Box by 11/28 (pick up is 11/29) and other Holiday Boxes by 12/16 (pick up is 12/20).

Thanks for supporting local businesses this holiday season!