January 2021 Flash sale!
Firsthand Foods meats on sale at wholesale pricing.
Contactless pick-up Monday 1/18 3:30 – 5:30pm.

Stock your freezer with delicious pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb. This sale features cases of: ground beef, sausages, bacon, stir fry beef, lamb chops and a selection of roasts, including brisket, picnic, loin and rump.  $100 minimum order.
Available for a limited time only while supplies last. Order by midnight Sunday, January 17th.


Ground Beef Pop Up

Pick Up Location: 

Firsthand Foods Warehouse
2210 E. Pettigrew Street
Durham, NC 27703
3:30pm – 5:30pm

Take N. Briggs Avenue Exit of 147 (Durham Freeway) and turn left onto Pettigrew. Pass Flying Circus English cars on your left and then take a left into the Happy Dirt warehouse where Firsthand Foods is located. Pull into the front parking lot in front of the gate. You’ll see our vehicle and we’ll be there, MASKS ON, to put your order in your car. See you there!

Directions to Flash Sale