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Bulldega Urban Market

Bulldega Urban Market is the only grocery store located in the heart of downtown Durham. Owner Yvette West and her family opened it in 2016 after realizing that there were no easily walkable grocers in place to serve Durham’s recent wave of new residents and visitors to the city center.

In its current location near City Hall, Bulldega offers grocery staples, specialty products, artisan gifts, and a broad selection of beer, wine, and cider. The owners are committed to offering both fresh produce and humanely-raised local meats at an affordable price. As part of this commitment, they source much of their meat from Firsthand Foods. Taste of Carolina tours roll through the shop every Saturday during the summer months, highlighting its broad selection of regionally-made products.

Bulldega is gearing up to move to a larger space at One City Center, and manager Will Drake says this means that they will be able to offer an even larger selection of pasture-raised meats. The new location will have a kitchen, which means that fans of Firsthand Foods can also enjoy our products in an expanded grab-and-go case of sandwiches and snacks.