Ready to learn? Our fact sheets will tell you how the sausage is made! We believe in complete transparency and in sharing useful information regarding our meats, industry standards and what certain terminology means or should mean to our customers. Please check the Education section of this website for regular posts and fact sheets and other resources below.


Beef Standards (PDF)

Pork Standards (PDF)

Lamb Standards (PDF)

FAQ: Producer Protocols (PDF)


Meat Packaging, Storage & Safety (PDF)

About Our Sausages (PDF)

Sausage Ingredients (PDF)

Sausage Nutrition Facts (PDF)


Places we recommend for more information about pasture-raised local meats and regional food hubs:

Amazing Grazing, a Project of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Civil Eats

NC Choices, founder of the Carolina Meat Conference

Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network

Wallace Center Food Hub Collaboration

Firsthand Foods Resources