Fill your freezer with North Carolina pasture-raised beef, save 15% off retail pricing and support Firsthand Foods remarkable network of independent cattle producers, each of whom is stewarding their land and animals to help mitigate climate change. If that’s not already a good enough reason to make this investment, consider that Firsthand Foods beef is:

  • Totally delicious and preferred by the Triangle’s finest chefs for its tenderness and full flavor
  • Produced 100% outdoors on pasture, without growth promoting antibiotics or added hormones
  • Raised on a diverse mixture of grasses and forages and fed an all vegetarian, high fiber supplement to help ensure consistent marbling
  • Dry-Aged a min. of 12 days
  • Small-Scale, USDA-Inspected, Halal & Animal Welfare Approved Slaughter


What’s in a Carolina Cow Share?

Our Carolina Cow Share is a great fit for families, avid home cooks, and Paleo/Keto diet enthusiasts. Each share costs $599 and is approximately 65 pounds of beef. It includes an assortment of steaks, roasts, ground beef, premium stir fry beef and more, all for less than $9.25/lb! Specifically, your cow share will include 8 premium steaks (ex: include: Ribeye, Strip or Filet Mignon), 9 mid-range steaks (ex. include: Sirloin, Flat Iron, Denver or Chuck), 2 lbs of beef kebab, 2 lbs of premium stir fry strips, 2 large roasts, 8 packs of hamburger patties, 25-1 lb packs of ground beef, and about 8 lbs of beef stock bones.

How does it work?

Purchase your shares here on-line. Once we receive your order, we coordinate with our farm partners, and schedule fabrication of your Carolina Cow Share. Your order will be ready for pick-up at our warehouse in Durham approximately 2 weeks later. We’ll contact you to set up a convenient time for you to come by and get it (M – F, 9am – 5pm). We’ll bring it to your car for contactless pick up. Your meat will be frozen solid and stored in insulated cardboard boxes so there is no need to bring a cooler.

Will I have space in my freezer?

Sixty-five pounds of meat is going to take up about as much space as 13 (5 lb) bags of sugar. You MIGHT be able to fit all this in your refrigerator freezer but only if you have nothing else in there and how likely is that? So, we suggest purchasing a small chest freezer or going in on a share with a friend or neighbor. It’s easy to divide a share two-ways.

Can I really eat beef and contribute to cooling the planet?

Contrary to popular belief, not all cattle contribute to global warming. In fact, pasture-raised production using regenerative grazing techniques contributes net positive benefits for cooling the planet. Your purchase of a Carolina Cow Share supports our producer network, helping them to expand their grazing herds to build soil microbiology, sequester carbon, and prevent the harmful effects of flooding and droughts.

So do your pocketbook and the planet a favor, and stock up now on high-quality local meats raised right.