Whole Animal Butchery with NC Choices

by firsthandfoods on March 22, 2012

This week, some of Farmhand Foods’ staff had the privilege of participating in NC Choices Carolina Meat Institute in Silk Hope in Chatham County. We spent the first day with Kari Underly of Range, Inc. as she broke down a whole side of beef. If you’ve never seen a master butcher take a hindquarter and
turn it into distinct whole muscle and individual steak cuts, it is something to behold. Part science, part art, part brute strength, the craft of butchery never ceases to amaze. Kari was ably assisted by Karen Fowler, head butcher at The Chop Shop in Asheville. Together, they demonstrated the latest techniques for adding value to a beef carcass.


Day two belonged to Craig Deihl of Cypress Restaurant in Charleston. He demonstrated how to fabricate half a pig and create a wide range of charcuterie, including bacon, lardo, head cheese, cured ham, culatella, pancetta and salami. Working at a slow but steady pace, Craig made it look easy, all the while  sharing recipes and tips for chefs aspiring to create value-added products from whole hogs.

Big thanks to NC Choices for hosting the event and to Kari and Craig, both of whom are James Beard Award finalists this year!


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