When Better Trumps Perfect

by firsthandfoods on May 14, 2014

Mark Bittman’s recent editorial in the New York Times, Leave Organic Out of It, makes a compelling point.  When the movement to build a better food system gets urgently framed in the context of single, albeit important, issues — like GMOs or organic – we can forget to focus on the big picture. If the point is to eat well, he points out that we can all do that right now by consuming more real (vs. processed) foods.  And, if the point is further to take care of our planet and all of its inhabitants, then we are going to need to fundamentally restructure our food system through policy reforms, shifts in our food culture, and commitments in the private sector.

We’re asked all the time at Firsthand Foods if our meat is organic or doesn’t contain GMOs.  We’d love to be able to say unequivocally, “yes.”  The conversation need go no further.  In truth, we cannot yet affirm either.  Even though we’re working toward these improvements, it’s going to take some time before organically-raised, GMO-free feed sources are locally available and affordable for our livestock producers.

In the meantime, purchasing Firsthand Foods’ meats has a big impact on building a better overall food system.  Our customers are helping us create a local, transparent supply chain for pasture-raised meats that respects small-scale, independent farmers and meat processors, the animals who give their lives for our food, and the planet that must sustain future generations.  No, its not perfect. But we’re grateful to be headed in the right direction.


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