Pasture Power

by firsthandfoods on July 23, 2014

If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend Allen Savory’s TED Talk about desertification.  A fancy word for the process of land turning into desert, Allen describes how an astonishing two-thirds of the land mass on the planet is now effectively desert and lacks the ability to absorb water, support wildlife, cool the planet, and produce food.

As a young ecologist working for the South African government, Allen’s research supported a still-commonly-held theory that overstocking wildlife is responsible for desertification.  This led to the government’s horrifying decision to slaughter 40,000 elephants.  Much to his dismay, Allen quickly observed that removing the elephants actually made the problem worse.  In establishing the Savory Institute, Allen has been on a mission ever since to demonstrate how ruminant animals raised on pasture within intensive rotational grazing systems, can halt desertification.  If you needed one more reason to eat pasture-raised meat, now you can add the ecological benefits of replenishing our grasslands and solving an environmental challenge on par with global warming.

Beef Cattle Grazing on Perennial Pasture in North Carolina Beef Cattle Grazing on Perennial Pasture in North Carolina

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