Farmer Spotlight: Kelly & Woody Tyndall

by firsthandfoods on September 23, 2013

Kelly & Woody Tyndall are proud owners of Oak Wood Farm, in Deep Run, NC. They enjoy challenging each other to “cook-offs” and dream about visiting a working ranch out West. Read on to learn more about these great pork producers!

What are your favorite hobbies?

We are very “old fashioned.” I love to hang clothes out on the line, process our own chickens, put up corn and can veggies from our garden. Woody and I love to challenge each other to a “cook-off” using our favorite foods.

Where would you go for your dream vacation?

We would both like to travel out West to a working ranch.

What is your favorite meat dish? Is it a family recipe?

Woody’s favorite is steak, and we have it at least once a week. Mine is smoked pork shoulder — you couldn’t mess that up even if you tried.

The average age of farmers in the US is 52 and very few young people are going into agriculture. What ideas do you have for encouraging the next generation to get involved in farming? Are you currently involved in working with youth? If so, how?

I think you can encourage a young person to get involved in farming, but I believe that farming is a special passion that is embedded in your soul long before the thought of a career. 

If you have kids, do they still help out on the farm? If not, what are they doing?

Our youngest daughter is a big help on the farm. She helps with all jobs required of a farmer raising hogs on the ground. She has a great passion for animals and is dedicated to understanding the important knowledge that goes into farming. Our son works in construction and our oldest two daughters work in assisted living and waitressing. 

Anything else you would like us to share? Any quirky facts?

One word — “lipstick!” I never go without it, even when taking care of the hogs.


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