Drew’s Clues: Bacon Vinaigrette

by firsthandfoods on June 4, 2014

Ever wonder what to do with leftover bacon fat?  Or those bacon “pieces” that come in the meat box?  Bacon vinaigrette!  Believe it or not this is not some new fangled bacon-loving-hipster creation.  It goes back ages and is most famous as part of the classic French salad Lyonnaise.  This is way up there with the world’s most delicious salads and is typically made with bitter frisée, croutons, warm bacon lardons, bacon vinaigrette and a warm poached egg.  The warm runny egg yolk becomes part of the dressing and slightly wilts the greens.  It’s awesome.

Not surprisingly it turns out this vinaigrette is great on just about any salad.  There are a couple of kinks due to the fact that you’re using an animal fat in a vinaigrette.  The recipe calls for about half bacon fat and half neutral oil.  This is primarily because a vinaigrette made with 100% bacon fat would congeal on contact with cold salad greens and that isn’t so appetizing.  And speaking of congealing bacon fat the other issue is that it can’t be used directly out of the fridge.  It needs to be brought to room temperature or warmed up before using in order to melt the fat.

And by the way, I like to keep around a couple squeeze bottles for vinaigrettes.  I make the vinaigrette right in the bottle and shake to mix.

Bacon Vin Recipe:

-2 tablespoons vinegar (sherry vinegar is great for this but any will do)
-2 tablespoon whole grain mustard
-3 tablespoons bacon fat, warm so that it’s liquified
-2 tablespoons neutral oil like canola or grapeseed

Combine the two fats.  If you’re using a bowl whisk together the vinegar and mustard and slowly drizzle in, while whisking, the combined oil and bacon fat.  On the other hand you can just eye ball all the ingredients into a squeeze bottle and shake the heck out of it.

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