Firsthand Foods provides a full range of fresh, local, pasture-raised beef, lamb and pork cuts and value-added products. 


Our beef products are fabricated for us at Chaudhry's Halal Meats (Siler City) and Piedmont Custom Meats (Gibsonville), both small-scale USDA-inspected AWA-approved meat processing facilities. All of our beef, other than ground products, is dry-aged a minimum of two weeks to optimize tenderness and flavor. 


Our lamb products are fabricated for us at Piedmont Custom Meats (Gibsonville), a small-scale USDA-inspected, Animal Welfare Approved meat processing facility. 


Our pork products are fabricated for us at Acre Station Meat Farm, a small-scale USDA-inspected meat processing facility in Beaufort County.


Our bacon and sausage recipes were developed by chef Drew Brown, and include pork, salt, spices, sugar, and nothing else – no nitrates, no fillers and no artificial colors.  Our bacon gets it's sweet & salty flavor naturally (e.g., celery juice powder is used as a preservative instead of sodium nitrite).  Our sausages are packed in natural hog casings and hand tied.  

New to buying local meat?  Check out our Guide to Buying Local Meat.

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